Moonlighting Jobs for Physicians | The Main Benefits

With physician jobs in such high demand, the job opportunities are almost endless. For every specialty and schedule out there, a range of jobs provide physicians with the placement best for them. Although lots of physicians already put in an amazing amount of hours each week, some are still in search of extra income and experience. For the most ambitious of doctors, moonlighting jobs for physicians make for great supplementary shifts to someone’s daily work. While many physicians may be seeking ways to take more time off (and we don’t blame you at all), the extra shifts are out there if you choose to pursue them! Let’s explore some of the benefits:

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moonlighting jobs for physicians

So what exactly are moonlighting jobs for physicians? Essentially, they’re sort of like locum positions in that they are extra shifts in nearby hospitals or medical facilities. Sometimes moonlighting jobs exist in different sections of your current workplace. One of the main reason physicians take on these jobs is that they are intended to be impermanent and flexible. Unlike your normal shift established ahead of time, moonlighting jobs allow doctors to work when they want to.

While physician burnout is a very real issue, many still welcome the extra shifts — especially when their specialty is hard to come by. While it’s important to gauge your physical and mental health in relation to work, there’s a lot to gain with moonlighting positions.

Moonlighting Jobs for Physicians | The Main Benefits

Advance Your Career

Working moonlighting shifts is one way that physicians can really build their networks. During the normal hours, you may not interact or work with certain team members or other physicians. Taking on some extra shifts at night or on the weekends can help you form new relationships with people you’d never meet otherwise.

Additionally, if you’re trying to hone your skills in a new area then these opportunities could be just what you need! Moonlighting jobs can work particularly well for new graduates looking to gain some extra experience wherever possible. Again, these jobs should be taken only if you’re really feeling up to the challenge. Nonetheless, the extra cash is a huge incentive for many to put in a few extra hours when it makes sense!

Help Facilities in Need

One of the major reasons that moonlighting jobs for physicians remain popular is that they help resolve schedule conflicts. When facilities are understaffed or running low on specialized professionals, you can come to the rescue! Whether you travel to a nearby facility or just fill the gaps in your current location, most hospitals will be glad to have you. If you’re a night owl by nature, working into the evening could make the most sense for you as well.

moonlighting jobs for physicians

Moonlighting-Savvy Specialties

Nocturnist hospitalist positions remain a common type of moonlighting jobs for physicians, although there are several other specialties that really excel. The most popular fields for moonlighting include:

No matter what specialty you work in, moonlighting jobs for physicians have a range of great benefits to take advantage of. Physicians looking to make a little extra cash, gain more experience in their field, or network with other professionals represent the top candidates! While these jobs don’t gel with everyone’s schedule, they do provide a nice alternative to day shifts and hold great value for understaffed facilities and hospitals. While we don’t advocate overworking yourself by any means, picking up moonlighting jobs for physicians remains very popular in the industry!

Have you ever worked moonlighting shifts? What should other physicians be aware of? Let us know in the comments below!


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