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Whether you’ve been a long-time visitor or are just finding’s blog for the first time, you’ll quickly see that we’ve been at it for quite a while now! Blogging is nothing new, but it’s a great source of industry information and physician perspectives. Still, our company only serves to help physicians find the perfect positions for them, meaning we don’t work in medical settings ourselves. Although we enjoy writing about this interesting industry, we’ve come up with a few reasons why you should start your own physician blog!

your own physician blog

Five Reasons to Start Your Own Physician Blog

Physicians Make Great Bloggers

Thanks to the ubiquitous nature of the internet, people are no longer restricted to getting current information through major news outlets or newspapers. Blogging is a medium that allows a direct line of access to the day-to-day dealings of many industries, and it is one that physicians can easily take advantage of!

With such a rich and complex topic as the world of professional healthcare, doctors who are able to actively share their perspectives are some of the best resources available. Whether you choose to share your experience or the interesting and creative solutions you’ve found to your daily challenges, its safe to say that physicians have the potential to make exceptional bloggers. The diversity of the medical experience alone is enough to keep great posts coming!

Blog to Teach Others

As standardized as healthcare is meant to be, everyone’s professional experience will be different. Whether someone is just starting out in their career or has been in the industry a long time, starting your own physician blog is a great way to provide valuable tips and insights. Not only can you write about common issues doctors face, but you can really start to connect with others in the healthcare world.

No matter what type of blog platform you make use of, you’ll usually have the ability to allow comments for readers to leave feedback. Here you can engage with your readers and answer any questions they may have, or just direct them to resources that have helped you in the past. No matter your level of experience, there’s always something you can contribute that someone may find while searching for a particular medical subject.

Reflect on Your Career

In addition to acting as a perspective and resource on a variety of healthcare topics, starting your own physician blog can be a great way to reflect on your own career. Perhaps you can think of it as a travel log or even a diary, and yet writing down your experience can really help to see how much you’ve grown professionally and how your goals may have changed over the years.

For locum tenens doctors in particular, documenting the differences in location, the experiences you’ve had, and the challenges you’ve faced are all ways to learn how you can continue advancing your career. Again, writing about being a physician first-hand can really serve to inspire yourself and others to stay passionate about the field!

your own physician blog

Supplement Your Digital Resume

Assuming you don’t exaggerate your experiences too much, starting your own physician blog can act as an extension of your resume. Really, it documents your work ethic, problem-solving skills, and general outlook on the profession — all things that the top facilities are trying to find out before offering you that dream position!

Here’s the flip side: Even if you’re just writing your own physician blog for fun, it’s important to understand that this is public and you’ll need to be selective in what you post. While social media is good for all sorts of personal banter and perspectives, keeping your blog on topic and oriented to providing quality information and resources can actually serve to bolster your professional authority for internet-savvy employers!

Serve as a Good Model

When people ask about what it takes to be a doctor, you’ll want to be confident when you point to your own physician blog. It may be that friends and family are asking about what you do, or even other young professionals wondering about the industry. Either way, show them what being a physician means to you and how it can continue to inspire others. You never know who may come across your writing, and if you can provide that extra bit of motivation for a doctor in need then it’ll all be worth it!

Additionally, this is a great opportunity to show people how they can balance the many aspects of their lives. Sure you’re a doctor, but you may also be a volunteer, a parent, a mentor, or have other passions aside from your job. Providing a good example of what others in the industry can strive for, all while learning new things yourself is something you can definitely achieve by starting your own physician blog today!

Have you been writing about your field for years? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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