5G In Healthcare

All eyes are on the internet of things (IoT), the concept of network connectivity between devices. Sounds like a simple idea, but on a global scale of transmitting and processing data between billions of devices at unheard of speeds is revolutionary, to say the least. Such technology can only be achieved with the power that 5G, or fifth generation, can provide.

Have you heard about those self-driving cars? Well, that’s 5G technology. A conglomerate of wireless technology, like 4G and Wi-Fi, at ten times the speed. And it is not only meant for your computer or smartphone. Just imagine what that technology can achieve in your facility. It may be difficult to grasp, but technology that you thought was in our distant future is actually achievable now.

5G Healthcare – More Than Just Speed

5G healthcare will facilitate an expansion and improve accessibility in data and medical treatments. It’ll give you the opportunity to monitor and care for patients across the globe, in real time at that. Second opinions and images that need to be analyzed will only cost you a few seconds of your time, no matter where your location may be. And just you wait until everyone’s fitness trackers upgrade to 5G; you’ll have vital data at your fingertips. IoT will give physicians access to data that was never available before. It’s a new opportunity to analyze in-depth data of medical conditions and treatments.

The Road Ahead

Unfortunately, it may be awhile until you see 5G integrated into your facility and practice. Before 5G healthcare makes its debut, there must be an adjustment of the rules and regulations. The first thing that comes to mind, is the matter of security. The compromising of privacy is a major barrier IoT faces. Also, if the way we practice medicine is changing, insurance reimbursements will need to follow. Once 5G healthcare overcomes those barriers, 5G will flourish and we will enter a new age of technology and healthcare. We’re looking forward to it. Are you?

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