mHealth for Physicians: The New Apps

mHealth: The Breakdown

As apps continue to integrate our daily lives, a new app genre mHealth is changing how health professionals interact with patients. What is mHealth you ask? Well, it’s pretty much an app that assists in the treatment of a patient or knowledge of healthcare information. There are dozens of apps on the market, and luckily for you, we’ve picked out a handful to help you survive in this new, mobile world. We’ll even provide a few scenarios where these mHealth apps could come in handy.


This mHealth app focuses more on the information aspect, but it does come with a price. Full access to the site costs $499 per physician, so it could come in handy for small practices. The search feature provides graphics, statistics, and medical journal articles that can save you a lot of time.

We live in a mobile world, so having an app on hand that can help with research and treatment can help both physicians and patients.

Scenario: As a physician that runs a small practice, it can tough to keep up to date with procedures and new medicines that have been passed by the FDA. A quick look at the UpToDate app will allow access to tons of information to help find the proper plan of action when treating a patient.


Although the name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, this “mHealth” app is the one-stop-shop for medical references. The app has a variety of capabilities, including a helpful “interaction check” section where healthcare professionals can select multiple medications to make sure the combination is not harmful. One of the most unique abilities is the group chat feature that can allow an entire wing or floor to communicate in one place.

Other sections include peer review articles, contact information for manufacturers, and condensed guidelines and parameters for patients to follow.

Scenario: A patient who is already on a few medications just found out that they need to add one more to the list. A quick look at the “interaction check” will allow you quickly identify any harmful interaction that could occur by mixing the medications.

The new mhealth app Epocrates

This app could be the one-stop-shop for all health needs


It’s no secret that a career in the professional healthcare field can be quite hectic, but hopefully the Doximity mHealth app can increase the communication ability for you and your staff.

Not only can you connect with your own staff, but you’re able to connect with healthcare professionals across the country as well.

Scenario: A patient is set to be transferred from the local hospital, to a hospital that specializes in their particular ailment. Using Doximity, doctors from each facility can communicate with each other to facilitate a smooth transfer.

This mHealth app is great for listening on-the-go

Audiobooks and Podcasts are great for the physician on-the-go

NEJM This Week

The New England Journal of Medicine recently unveiled their own app to pair together with their website. The app is essentially a mobile version of the website, but it also comes with a few other features. Audio versions of their articles and their weekly medical podcast are both great options for listening on the go. It also contains videos of medical procedures.

Scenario: A new study on a breakthrough medicine has been released, but your hectic schedule just doesn’t provide the time to thoroughly read it. Luckily for you, the audio feature allows you to catch up on the latest news on your drive into work.


Figure 1 – Medical Cases

This Instagram-like app for medical cases allows physicians all across the country to post pictures of X-Rays, Symptoms, and other visual aids for others to look at and comment on. This app is perfect for physicians looking for feedback on a rare condition, or seeking to see and learn about rare or textbook cases.  Additionally, the app guarantees patient privacy by using face-blocking technology and removes any identifying information.

Scenario: A patient comes in with a unique rash that you can’t quite identify. Snap a picture and upload it to the Figure 1 app and hopefully one of your medical colleagues will be able to give some insight as to what it could be.

Author: Troy Diffenderfer

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