Physicians Refuse to Prescribe Medical Cannabis


After hearing about many of the medical miracles that have stemmed from the use of medical cannabis, it’s hard to imagine that some people are not on board with this form of treatment. One crowd that is not in support of many of the recent medical cannabis laws is quite shocking – physicians. Physicians all across the United States are opting out of their new ability to prescribe cannabis to patients, but why?

Why Physicians aren’t Prescribing Medical Cannabis

So, why are physicians opposed to this seemingly forward-thinking medical trend? Some of their explanations may surprise you! Here are four of the most common reasons as of late:

Physicians want to become more educated on the use of medical marijuana.
Many physicians across the U.S. considering themselves on-board with the use of medical marijuana, but aren’t comfortable prescribing it to patients yet. Physicians are deciding what patients they believe should be prescribed cannabis. Not to mention, this is a new concept for most states, and many doctors are still trying to adopt cannabis into their practices.

Physicians are forbidden to prescribe medical cannabis to patients.
The most recent issue has occurred in Illinois, where some of the state’s biggest medical organizations have forbidden their physicians to prescribe medical marijuana, despite its legality. These organizations reportedly believe they’re being cautious due to conflicting state and federal laws.

Insurance companies are hesitant to provide coverage for medical marijuana.
Physicians are hesitant to prescribe medical cannabis because many insurance companies won’t cover it. Overall, cannabis is cheaper than most opioids and other medications that would be prescribed to the same patients to which you would prescribe medical marijuana, but without insurance coverage, this form of medication would be a hefty expense for patients.

Physicians flat out disagree with the use of medical cannabis.
Some physicians just can’t wrap their heads around the use of cannabis for medical reasons. For decades, most people have been taught that marijuana is an illegal drug, and all of the sudden it’s OK to prescribe it to toddlers with seizure disorders. These physicians also tend to believe that there is a lot of contradicting evidence when it comes to the health benefits of cannabis.

The Future of Medical Marijuana


Despite the fact that many physicians are seemingly not on board with the use of medical marijuana currently, medical cannabis advocates are hopeful that as people become more knowledgable on the topic and more research is done, people will start to see the benefits.

Eventually, many believe that physicians will be forced to conform due to patients’ needs, and essentially a loss of patients if they don’t begin to prescribe medical marijuana. And with any luck, the medical organizations that are forbidding their physicians to prescribe cannabis will loosen their grips and let physicians decide for themselves and for their patients.



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