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Whether an allergist-immunologist is taking care of an allergic reaction to a first bee sting, or performing allergy skin testing, their work plays an important role in the patients’ quality of life. Research in this field focuses on diseases of the respiratory tract (asthma), allergic diseases of the eyes and skin, allergies to food, and more. Ready to pursue a new allergy and immunology career? Start your search today!

Employment and Job Outlook

Allergists and Immunologists may choose to work in a hospital setting or private practices, and many of these physicians are specialized in areas such as pediatrics or adult medicine. With an average salary of about $230,000, pursuing a career as an allergist-immunologist is an increasingly popular discipline for physician candidates in medical school. Although, salary will vary depending upon the state in which a physician is taking a job.

Currently there are close to 50 million people in the United States that visit allergists-immunologists, while there are only about 6,000 certified allergists in the country, causing allergy and immunology physicians to be in high demand. 

On average, allergy and immunology physicians work between 40 and 55 hours per week, and rarely have "call" shifts, although this changes depending upon the medical facility. Another nice perk of pursuing allergy and immunology is that a "typical" shift would range from 8-4 or 9-5, with physicians picking up some night and weekend hours to suit the needs of their patients.

Whether you are in search of a new career, temporary work or a position as a locum tenens, you'll find what you're looking for on All Physician Jobs.

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